When was the last time you heard someone utter Shaudenfraude?
If on the one off chance that you aren’t in fact an extremely cultured kid fluent in the German tongue of the 19th Century, then I’d be inclined to go with my inkling owling of once every blue moon.

Here’s another question for you; when was the last time you listened to a fusion of orchestral and medieval music? Here’s the right answer; when your eyes read the last word on this page you’ll drop whatever you’re doing and head straight to links listed below and enjoy a moment of serenity as Jack’s voice, whose powerful resonance echoes experience far beyond his youthful transition of adolescent to adult, surrounds you in a moment of blissfully haunting harmonic tranquility.

Forget JT when he said ‘I’m bringing sexy back’, for Colwell’s debut album ‘Picture Window’ is indeed bringing back the previously overlooked niche of orchestral chamber-folk with overlaid heart rendering lyrics. But he’s adding his own twist; for The Owls are an ever-rotating line-up of friends including the likes of multi-instrumentalists Miles Horler, Hayden Woolf and iconic Sydney comedian, Genevieve Fricker.

P.S. Click 'read to more' to see why the reference of Shaudenfraude is in fact quite relevant

What did you eat for breakfast this morning?

Dry toast - I have a terrible flu!

Who has been your favourite artist to perform with so far?

Architecture in Helsinki (VIDIDLIVE 2011); Performing in the concert hall of the Opera House with them for VIVID was mindblowing, sometimes I'll listen to their tracks on my ipod to get back into the moment!

If you had the chance, which artist - dead or alive, would you wish to perform with?

Tori Amos - Although I'm not as bigger fan of her later work, her early stuff really means something special to me; check out 'Boys for Pele' if you get a chance.

Why ‘The Owls’?

c O l W e L l

What benefits do you reap from having a rotating band with ‘The Owls’ as opposed to a set ensemble?

I'm not really sure, I guess it can help keep the songs fresh. I think of myself as a solo artist with backing musicians for a live show - it's not always a good thing though as sometimes it can work against you in terms of being prepared for a live audience. Shaudenfraude.  

What’s your favourite part of being a musician – the creation, performance or both?

I like the creation; initially I was quite shy on stage and it took me a while to get over that (ironically as that seams). The writing / recording process gives you much more time and stability, live performance is a beast of it's own.

What situations in your life inspired ‘Picture Window’?

The transition of young adolescence to adulthood; I think I was used to more doing the wrong thing than what was expected, so Picture Window is kind of the 'pulling up your socks' of a first album and looking back on mostly sad experiences unfortunately, loss, love that have ultimately (I think) made me into a stronger person.  

How do you plan on celebrating your upcoming album launch?      

With this terrible flu I have at the moment I'll be watching re runs of Eurovision in my pyjamas - I'd probably still do that anyway even if I wasn't sick.         

Within the next few years where would you like to see yourself perform?

I've always wanted to perform at The Enmore; I'd say the 'Opera House' but I've already ticked it off my list!

What do you plan on eating for dinner tonight?


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