Cropped bralette's are obviously the new sheer blouse. 
Over the las few months they've popped up here, there and well everywhere, and with the arrival of my new asos skirt, it's something I'm dying to try.
  They're just above the crop. 

So far, my favourite choice of styling has been pairing it with the pencil skirt and a spiffy oversized blazer for the colder occasions.

For such a small garment the extent of detailing delicately embodied upon each makes my heart melt, from D&G's peppers, Emillio Pucci's sheer lacey goodness and of course we can't forget Prada's vintage cars; it's clear to see, the brighter the print the better. 

The Versace (sixth) one is by far my favourite, then again everything in their Spring 2012 collection was a utopia for my eyes. 

- J. 

Triple Tunes: Runaway // Kanye West


  1. Chic baby! would you like to follow each other blog? :X

  2. Cropped bralette's are so nice , actually I love them . Nice pictures you choose . Would you love to follow each other ? :)


  3. In looove with bralets too! Your blog is lovely

  4. Hello dear,
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  5. Great blog!!
    Please feel free to check out mine! :)

  6. Ahh cropped bralettes are great! I want to try making one but I don't know if I can be bothered after the effort it took for corsets in DT in year ten haha :)


  7. Love the first three - amazing print and colours! I'd love to be able to make them :)

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  8. Not a trend for the faint hearted, but mostly certainly one that I am loving at the moment! Although I can't stand the though of cold wind blowing on my mid. Here is hoping this trend is still floating around when it starts to warm up again!


  9. love this trend.