Flicking through the Net-A-Porter sale I went into hyperventilation mode as I read over and over again that this Emillio Pucci gem was HALF PRICE, THAT'S 50% OFF PEOPLE.
If only I was famous, I'd defiantly wear this out on the red carpet whilst my fans stand in the corner crying.  But woe is me, for I am not not yet that is. 

In case your eyes are drawn to this text before the image then let me explain why it so great:

-  It's made from multicoloured appliquéd devoré viscose-belnd (now say the 10 times)
- Mesh Neckline
- Sheer Long Sleeves
- Deep cut-out back
- Slight train
- It's pretty bad-ass

What am I saying, if I bought this dress I'd wear it all day and all night, even to grocery shopping me, for as my mumma says, you never know you'll meet there I'll see you there Fancisco

Tonights Tune: Love is Blindness // Jack White


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