Much like Tyler the Creator, I like to think of myself as a walking paradox. For you see, I try to dress like one of the girl in this case, a mermaid, but end up looking like one of the boys. The little voice in my head tells me to go for the frilly socks and kittens heels, but my heart says NO - go for the dark allure of boots. As I battle my own inner discourse, my heart always comes up on top and I end up buckling up these Roscoe's at the red traffic light I'm always late, so why not save some time and finish getting dressed in the car.

Tonights Tunes: Live While We're Young // One Direction


P.S. Questions time: Do you prefer these larger sized images or should I go back to this size

Peace out home dawgs 
- J. 


  1. gurlfren looked like a babing mermaid today - beauuutiful :) xx

  2. I wanted to buy this top from H&M but I wasn't sure how I would style it. I love how put this outfit together, beautiful!

  3. Oh and Live While You're Young is on repeat for me @.@