#1 DAD

Jumper // Stussy - Skirt // American Apparel - Sneakers // Nike - 
Bracelet // Turkish markets - Necklace // Tiffany & Co. - Ring // Sportsgirl 

Since it's been seven days since we last stared at our screens as the best friends that we all are, let's gather round the campfire and sing our campfire song and share the pits and peaks of your weeks.

Peak: Performing in assembly 

Pit: Double silly-girling myself and texting the wrong person not once, but twice with some weird ass messages about being 'gansta' and getting burgers 

In other news, what better way to spend fathers day than dressed like a boy minus the skirt.

After buying this jumper aeons ago, I was filled with regret as I cursed myself for being my lack of courage when attempting to walk out of the men's section of general pants without purchasing the many jumpers the sale assistant had passed onto me. But alas, here we are, after wearing it to bed last night I maned up and wore it with some 'joggers'. 

Thankfully, I'm off to Queensland next week to tan up and not haunt your room with my whiteness

What was your pit/ peak of the week? 

- J. 

Today's Tune: American Idiot // Green Day 


  1. love the outfit! the baggy sweater and skirt combo is adorable!

    <3 Sharmaine Ruth