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Yo MTV, welcome to my favourite things, the red/ black combo was unintentional.
I wear this necklace all day, err day except when wearing the summer uniform. It's my lucky charm. 
As it's my first day of not going to school, I thought I'd share a bit of a giggle with you all.

Mystery Gal: Why do you always wear that necklace?
Me: Because 
Mystery Gal: So it's from your boyfriend right?
Me: Yeah, he's an oil tycoon living in a New York penthouse. He flies in every second weekend on his private jet. 
Mystery Gal: No way, that's so cool
Me: I was joking
Mystery: Well maybe if you didn't make jokes like that and didn't wear that necklace all the time you might have one. 
Me: Thanks for the life lessons gal 

So, after sharing that dialogue here's the necklace's context. It's from my mumma, gifted to me and a sister from another mister after the greatest night of our lives. 

P.S. If you have weird eyes like gurlfriend that refuse to work with liquid liner, then I seriously suggest jumping on the smashbox wagon and buying their liner. 

Peace out home dawgs 
- J. 

Today's Tunes: Little Talks // Of Monsters and Men 


  1. Nice, I love Burts Bees, that stuffs awesome and Little Talks. :)


  2. your posts are always fun to read:)


  3. Moleskine <3 neeeeed one! Even though it was unintentional, the black and red theme is great!