- Pants // ZARA - Shirt // H&M - Glasses // Versace -

For a gal that hates wearing pants, I certainly wear them a lot. So based on that reasoning, I thought that  today's Sunday lunch was the perfect debut for these new silk pajamas Zara pants.  

Let me give you the backstory of this tee. I wear it everywhere. No seriously, I don't just mean everywhere, I mean everywhere, everywhere - ya dig? I wear it to the mall let's go to the mall!, dinner, breakfast, lunch, social outings however rare they are, to get dessert, pick up cat food, guitar lessons, to friend's places and even bed. We really love it, duh. 

P.S. The reason for the battle between gravity and my head is due my desire to avoid capturing the reflection in my glasses secretly, I just wanted to look like a confused cat. 

Peace out home dawgs 
- J. 

Tonights Tunes: Sunday Morning // Maroon 5