- Heels // Irregular Choice - Cap // Obey - Shorts // Vintage Levi's - Swimsuit Leo // Black milk -

As I ventured into my wardrobe to find an outfit for the dentist today, I realised that I have far too many American flag pieces. So, if I was an American living in the US of A this is most probably what I would wear to a BBQ celebrated the 4th of July that is, if I was invited, otherwise I would probably stay home and eat some s'mores. 

But sadly seeing as I call Australia home, I opted for my flagged chucks instead - Sydney's a little too chilly to wear a swimsuit at the moment.

 Also, I feel as though I need to be honest with you lovely readers, the other main reason for this post was to show off my favourite, yet only worn twice, wedges. Mind you, I did in fact wear them on the streets of New York last 4th of July and also to my appointment at Jerseylicious' The Gatsby - I'm a sucker for reality TV. 

Happy Wednesday, I sure hope the Blues win The State of Origin tonight!

- J.

Tonights Tunes: National Anthem // Lana Del Ray 


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  2. i love this outfit, you have great style and i like how you paired your obey hat with it! i bought on the other day on a whim Aand now im really not sure how to wear cos barely any girls wear flat caps! but youve given me some ideas so thanks! i really like your blog so im going to follow! check out mine if you have time :) xxxx

    1. I love my obey cap :)
      Glad I could help