Shot By: Tim Walker 
Starring: Lindsey Wixon 

Where the Wild Things Are' have now entered the realm of being a triple threat - once a book, then a movie and now the backdrop of Mulberry's AW 2012 campaign.

If only I was born an octopus, then I'd get to wear all of these beauties on my eight arms and even have two spare arms to maybe double up on. But seeing as I've only got two measly arms in comparison, I would happily accept the Maisie Clipper in flame (second image) or the Lily in exotic tweed (fourth image). 

But hey, I'm always open to any other anonymous gifts if there any of these stars. 

- J. 


  1. Wow, great ads! I just love Tim Walker

  2. Who is the woman in the first photo, she's out of this world. x