- 1, Soft serving it up in Disneyland // 2, 17 going on 7 // 3, California Adventure Land Brat // 4,  Yoda, Buzz and the Beastie Boys on the loose // 5,  Teen Cribs // 6, Dumbo squared // 7, Chicken Nugget & Honey Boo Boo // 8, Sprinkle's Red Velvet cupcakes // 9, 10 Lidz // 11, Family portrait // 12, 18 balloons // 13, Fearless - 

Instagram Part II - HBB & CN Take LA

It's hard to be believe that homegirls been annoying her family for 18 years since 12th of January 1995. This year, due to time travel I got to experience around about 100 hours of birthday celebrations. What better way to spend your first day as an 'adult' then running around disneyland in a buzz light year hoodie and yoda backpack? Nothing. Done. Thanks madre et padre. My family knew me too well, having decorated the hotel room with happy birthday banners, 18 balloons sadly left behind due to the lack of space on the flight back home, and streamers - completely smashing the decor of all of MTV's Sweet 16 epi-parties. A+  

 Thankfully, the only shots done that night were of cream cheese icing - PRAISE THE SPRINKLE CUPCAKE LORD

Ravioli, ravioli give me the perfect birthday formuloni:

- Personalised disneyland badge -
- Change of mickey ears -
- #1 ride companion a.k.a soul sistah -
- Themed apparel -
- In-n-out burger -
- Sprinkle's Red Velvet birthday cupcakes -

*My mouth began salivating when I posted the photos the in-n-out burger bag and sprinkles cupcakes*

Tonight's Tunes: Girls // Santigold 


  1. Yup, my mouth is salivating too. I'm also feeling really jealous of your day. Your birthday was the $hit!


  2. happy belated birthday!! Great pictures, you looked like you had a ton of fun!