A. Wang - one of the flyest designer's right now, a.k.a thug life extraordinaire - you do it well.

If anything, the first notes of his soundtrack, (Rocky's Eye of the Tiger), detailed the shows symbolic origins as Mr Wang must now rises up to the challenge of his rivals - the neigh sayers questioning  future direction at Balenciaga. But, in saying so, many looks paralleled Ghesquière designes within the house's previous show. 

Set to the backdrop of the Cunard Building's former ticketing hall in Lower Manhattan, the '20s inspiration was easily identified - 'draped blouses with a wide waistband, the plucky walking skirt, the tops with a twist in front. Even the wool socks that cuffed the models’ shoes vaguely recalled IT girl's stockings of the past  indecently rolled down to the ankles.' 

 I have a serious quam with this collection - the ill-fitting assimilation of individual pieces within several outfit stylings, as well as the general fabric/ cut relationship. Like many other designers of our generation, A. Wang yet again drew upon grey, grey, lil bit of black and white, mixed with some navy, and grey; again and again and again. The only 'colour' this time around, however, was the rusty hue of the model's ponytails swishing down the catwalk. But this time, the static colour palette in turn only highlighted a failure in attempting to blend some styles of a past era with modern evening apparel - sack coats, I'm looking at you.

Wang's fixation on juxtaposing the 'graphic slickness and flat angularity of his last collection' gives birth to the blurriness of several rounded sleeves. Further building upon the fuzziness pun intended of this collection, the brushed mohair hoodies gave a hairy girlfriend's pun ability is on fire quality, 'embroided leather appliques on alpaca, and overstitched astrakhan with silk threads' alluded to the growing trend of mixing textures within individual pieces. 

Let me just say, that I do love the tailoring of the satin pants, especially the funk-tastic nature of the first detail shot, combined with the little slices at the shoulders of the dutchess satin t-shirts. Half wrap shoe - I also love you today, we're in literary technique central.

Balneciage. 2 and a half weeks. Be there or be a round edged square. 

Today's Tunes: Goldie // A$AP Rocky 

Photos: style.com


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