As the great Oprah Winfrey once said, "where there is no struggle, there is no strength."

Such is the perspective I assume when rummaging through my wardrobe every morning. 
I like to think as my wardrobe as somewhat of a time capsule, with memories of places, people and infinite possibilities trapped within each stitch. 

Let me indulge in a particular scenario for a moment; after just finding out that there may be a Jonas Brothers reunion on the horizon, there is a clear outfit vibe in mind: crazy fan girl. So if tomorrow I awake to find out that the brothers have reunited, I'd tap into the Jade style circa 2007 - 2011 (and as much as I try to deny it, 2012): boy band tees and flares.

But nowadays, my struggle lies between the desire to dress like: 

a) A male German, heavy metal star // emo // lumberjack love child all about '90s grunge 

Reference point: Kylie Jenner

• beaten up, black jeans •
• beaten up, black shirt •
• beaten up, black leather jacket •
• beaten up, black boots •
• oversized plaid shirt tied around the waist •
• hair that can go from high bun to wavy locks in 0 to 5 seconds •
• chocker: typically adorned with a bad ass pendant •
• mascara that makes onlookers question if they're lashes or spider legs framing my eyes•
• piercings •
• winged, black eyeliner • 
• black eyeliner •
• some more black •
• lil more black •

b) A ratchet bitch all about that glare - ain't nothin more important than the mula 

This is my favourite image of said trinity 

Reference Point: Rihanna, Miley Cyrus, Karrueche Tran

• Chains and hoop earrings•
• Titties on display. Always in the classiest of manners possible •
• Maxs, Air forces, Jordans or Timberlands •
• Sometimes pumps to compensate the somewhat overly masculine, yet feminin vibes of beating down basic plebs •
• Crop tops •
• Braids // cornrows •
• Bandanas •
•Oversized things are always better than dresses •
• Sports jerseys and socks •
• Nail art •
• The sheerer the better •
• Snap backs and tattoos •
• Winged linger •
• Bomber jackets •

c) A a French (real or faux) lady embossed in monochrome goodies all about the riviera lifestyle

Reference Point: Elisa Sednaoui, Jane Birkin, Alexa Chung, Alexandra Spencer 

• Fringe •
• Mom jeans • 
• Flouncy, summer dresses •
• Button ups •
• Lace bralettes •
• Winged eyeliner •
• Red or pale pink manicured nails •
•  Pistol boots •
• Dainty necklace and rings •
• Small leather bag •
• Ballet flats, cons, feminin pumps •
• Stripes •
• Chanel •
• Midi skirts •
• Clean faces •

BUT, with all of these looks, it's much more about the lifestyle choices made than the instagram replications, primping of eyebrows and strenuous liquid liner application involved. In order to achieve any of these stylistic genres, one must delve below the caressing layer of cotton, satin, lace, leather or velvet to reflect out a personal interpretation of the varied version of ourselves that we choose to be on any given day.  

- J. 

Photos: Tumblr


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