As a child, you're told the sky's the limit. As a teenager, you think you know it all . And as a uni student, well you just realise how stupid you were as a teenager and that maybe, you know nothing at all. 

I'd always wanted to be a journalist, that was, until I started studying the art of journalism. All too often I've made the blunder of wanting something so badly, then dropping it the minute I get it. Uni has gone something along those lines. That isn't to say I don't want to pursue this career path, it's just that surrounding oneself with like minded peers who in essence are also future competitors can do crazy things to your self-esteem. No-one ever warned me of this. But perhaps, that's just me being a little sissy. 

Yet in the whole situation, the one issue I find most pressing, is my outfit choice for the day. I won't deny it, I have often gone to uni in one outfit, only to leave in a completely different ensemble. Such is the life of a UTS student, whose front entrance is directly opposite the new central shopping centre. 

Perhaps the outfit changes can be attributed to my inability to commit, or perhaps it is the intolerable climate changeover between an overheated train ride and a freezing tute room that is to blame. My recent trolling online has found an answer to both of these pressing issues: the ASOS Duster Coat. On the inner layers I could be as free as I wanted, from a slip, to ripped jeans and all that is in between. But on the outer layer I'd be as snug as a bug in a rug. 

Outfit diversity at university here we come! 

Today's Tune: Don't Wait // Mapei


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