It's no secret that eye like to watch people. 
This rose gold lil darling is perhaps the first watch I've worn almost every day. Crazy, right?! If that doesn't disprove a supposed fear of commitment, then I don't know what will. Next I'll be telling you all that I've decided to dress like a real lady. 
Are you ready for another one of gurlfriend's completely irrelevant, totally unimportant and utterly ramble-tastic tales? Good. Here goes. 
I, like every other white, whiny teenager was gifted (more like, 'Mum I want that one, and I want it now') this watch for Christmas by my dear Madre whilst we were abroad in Vale for the festive season take me back A$AP (Rocky), only to be informed that Klara every watch deserves a name was a potential birthday present from my friends when I got back to Sydney - patrol know where's it at in regards to the arm candy I want hanging on my wrist. 

- Watch // Michael Kors Rose Gold - Bracelet // Asos - 

Today's Tunes: Beware of Young Girls // Lovely Liar 

- J. 


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