Леди в красном

Shirt // Fred Segal: USC Trojans series - Pants // J.W. Anderson for Topshop - Glasses // Selima - Wallet // DKNY - Fischer Library // Blum's Lord & Peasant in Russia 

Uni. Outfit repeating hell.

Fashion shower rule number eight: You must wear outfit once. 

 Girlfriend's solution: attempt to document what is worn as often as possible to avoid the early morning haze that is figuring out whether or not the combination has already been tried. But why USC when you go to USYD, I hear you ask. Why Jade you've never even been there nor do you have any reason to wear a Trojan's shirt. Oh foolish friend, my connection with USC began in the lead up to the 2012 Olympics. In other words, the finest adonis that has every graced the face of the earth - he just so happens to share not only the same initials as me, but also the same last name (we're basically already married) - who is a member of the Australian Olympic Waterpolo team plays for the Trojans, due to him being on exchange at USC. So in other, other words - boyz boyz boyz. You're probably thinking, oh we must be pretty good friends seeing as I know so much about a person whose twitter & instagram followers // following ratio is practically equal. Well, funny story - I don't know him yet. But hey, that's just lil ol' me being me. In other, less creepy news, seeing as I can't see anymore I had to get glasses. But because I didn't want my beautiful face to be obstructed from many plethora of admirers, I decided on clear frames. N.B. That was a distasteful joke garnished off with a sprig of sarcasm. The real reason is because my parents don't love me that much and bought me the cheapest frames in the store to shut me up. The irony in that statement reeks more than a fish market - the optical store was next to the Russian Tea Room in New York - hi mum

Today's tunes: Get Lucky // Daft Punk ft. Pharrell Williams

- J.  

P.S. This title's post translates to Lady in Red, because the outfit's red, I'm writing an essay on Russian serfdom and Russia loves red; themed dressing/ title relationships are just the best. 
P.S.S I blame google translation if it actually translates to the cat and the five tentacled octopus


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