To me, Document Journal's commentary on culture, art and fashion optimises what a magazine ought to be - a raw insight into a world of creativity that offers more than just innovative editorials. The pages are packed with interviews from Mario Testino to Rick Owens as well as stunning shots seen from behind Jack Pierson, Maripol, Catherine Servel and Will Davidson's lens - is this the real life or is this just fantasy? 
For issue #2, editors Nick Vogelson and James Valeri have created four different covers featuring the faces of: 
Karlie Kloss 
Lindsey Wixson
Jamie Bochert
and Karlie Kloss again 

Can we just take a moment to applaud the perfection of Lindsey's eyebrow/ eyelash/ general eye area on the first cover - gurlfriend is staring straight into my soul. Also, the CK // Marc Jacobs 'Mickey Mouse' jumper styled with respective black minis and loafers is all I want to wear to uni if only my dreams were a reality.

Right now, I'm experiencing such strife over the fact that I only have $12.95 left in my bank account and thus have to wait a few more days to buy this beautiful collection of black and white squiggles on it's glistening, glossy pages; I'm a student sir!

- J. 


  1. aaaah every single photo is flawless... love it!! :)