Who needs Europe 2013, when you've got MelbournE(urope 2013) - upgrade to the penthouse et al.

Whilst 2/3 of my facebook feed were, and still are,  off gallivanting their tanned skin across the European continent in nothing but bikinis and denim cut-offs, I spent that past weeekend bundled up in a coat sipping cocktails throughout Melbourne. Since the purchase of my second skin a.k.a my Cheap Monday's - they put the ass in asset, my Acne jacket and ASOS coat have partaken in an endless act of tag teaming when sheltering the plethora of t-shirt changes that have occurred over the past few weeks. Undoubtably, it is my obsessive, yet ironically fickle nature that has leads me to don myself in the daily ritual of jeans/ tee/ boot combo for a few consecutive weeks, then wait until we've hit the expiry date only to move onto a whole new recipe. Uniforms - can't live with them, but sure as hell can't live without them. 
But, as the eloquent rhyme of Eminem goes "Let's get down to business, I don't got no time to play around what is this".  Melbournia - recently crowned by yours truly the city of boyz, booze and banter was a breath of fresh air from Sydney's recently monotonous vibes - just what girlfriend needed. I've never been one for bathroom snaps but Satan put me up to it. These two snaps were captured in the bathrooms of Naked for Satan , an infused vodka distillery on Brunswick St that'll have you reminiscing on that time you picked potatoes in the old countryside of the motherland.

1 & 4: - Opening Ceremony Cat Sweater // Opening Ceremony - Coat // ASOS - Boots // Mimi Loves Jimmi - Jeans // Cheap Monday - 

2 & 3 - I like to call this look Zoolander does Acne 
- Jumper // Dotti - Jacket // Acne - Earrings // Dangerfield - Boots // Mimi Loves Jimmi - Jeans // Cheap Monday - 



  1. THE ACNE JACKET IS PERFECTION and you look divine(urope) xxx