Lego blocks; inflictors of great physical and emotional pain. The only thing worse than stepping on a sneaky lego piece, which had been left out after packing up, is goggling at  Chanel's Lego Clutch through a laptop screen for hours on end knowing I'll never be able to stare at it in it's cold, hard, colourful flesh. Since I'm not a member of the Kardashian // Jenner pose,  your main girl would have to work for over 444 days at her imaginary job, earning $18 an hour OR work for 19 days without sleep before even beginning to contemplate its hefty price tag of $8350. Girlfriend would be happy to do either. If anything, Lagerfeld, yet again, shows that unrequited love truly is a stab in the foot heart.

- J.

Tonight's Tune: $100 Bill // Jay Z


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