-Earrings // - Shirt // Dangerfield - Skirt // H&M - Boots // Dr Martins - Eye makeup // Dior - 

Leather, docs, plaid bloody noses and bowie - punk 101. Clip in some safety pins and people might have confused me for a time traveller who just visiting from 2013 from the UK circa 1976. Gurlfriend's back at the themed dressing game. In honour of the Met Ball Gala, my date (Bowie) and I decided to call up our old friend Bruce and have our very own punk themed soiree. Although there were no jell-o shots listed on the menu, my mum (an unknowing guest to the un-official event of the year) and I discussed what went wrong with Kimmy K and Kanye over toasted sandwiches and a lemon meringue at my favourite hangout. 

Tonight's Tunes: Anarchy in the UK // Sex Pistols 


  1. Dying over this post - esp. mini Bowie and the skirt xxx