Photographed by Krajewska and Wieczorek, The Jet Setting spread in Polish Elle made me that much more excited when I realised that in 9 days I'll be jetting off to the US of A. I don't know what it is about New York, but whenever I step off the plane first at LAX to get a connecting flight, with dream and a cardigan  I feel at home; I guess it's a sign. Over there I'll be reunited with my sister AND it'll be freezing temperature, so you know what that means - ONEPIECE TIME BABY. 

If only I was able to travel with an ADR turquoise suitcase, adorned in Celine, Jil Sander, Lanvin, Marni, Valentino, Chanel or Balenciaga and Burberry. But alas, my birthday baby suit will just have to do.

Peace out home dawgs 
- J. 

Today's Tunes: This is Your Life // The Killers 


  1. Have an amazing trip!!! (... and don't get arrested for public nudity) xxx