With less then 8 hours to go until I see this starlet I'm psyching my self up looking at concert pics and rocking out to her old stuff. So excited! Although there was a little bit of a confusion as to would be coming with me, now that it is all sorted out, I am glad it is the person that is going (none of this probably makes sense). Anyways.

Continuing on with the count downs 3 DAYS TILL I LEAVE TO HAVE A PARTY IN THE USA (did you see what I did there?) Can't wait to touch down in New York. So far holidays have been brilliant. I've just been reading harry potter in bed with green and I went on an adventurous bike ride to bondi with my sister yesterday, with interesting helmets.

Hope everyone is having a lovely holiday (even though it has only been 3 days). I need to find my camera chord before I go away otherwise I will not be a happy chappy.
I'm undecided as to whether I should take my digital, fisheye or disposable to Miley tonight. Any suggestions?



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